Kinky Classes

Whether it's a group of close friends, a lecture hall full of Gender Roles and Human Sexuality students at Iowa State (six semesters in a row!), or a class of veteran kinksters, I love presenting! Below you'll find the classes I've presented, a few upcoming ideas, and resources from my workshops. Creating new classes is a great way for me to learn, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Notice: Class Handouts After a wonderful time at Denver Bound, I've come to better understand the value of handouts and will be translating my notes into something more suitable for distribution. Since I'll be working on them in a somewhat random order, email me with requests.


Pre-Flight Briefing

Wheels-Down Guide to Suspension Basics

This class covers the basics of suspension without leaving the ground. While many intro-level suspension classes teach attendees a single tie to get their partner safely in the air, this class will instead describe the different types of suspension (a field guide, if you will) as well as the factors involved in each – including hardware, safety, and considerations for different suspension styles.
[Suspension Fundamentals Handout]
[Suspension Risk Chart]

Chest & Breast Bondage For The Pansexual Kinkster

Shape up with your chest harnesses!

Whether you want to beautify bouncing boobies, macrame manly muscles, or practice some gender geniculation, we’ve got the ties for you! During this all-orientation, gender-inclusive, workshop, we’ll expand on basic chest harness concepts and use them to define and shape our bodies in many new ways. Bring an open mind and plenty of rope (3×30′ recommended)
[Chests and Breasts Handout]

Plays Well With Others

Etiquette and Play Parties – Instructor-led Discussion

So, you’ve made it through a munch or you’re attending your first public event and now it’s time to face the play party. Palms sweaty, you look through your closet for your fetish best, wonder what toys to bring, how you’ll find a play date… We’ll cover it all!
[Plays Well With Others Handout]

Evil, Mean, & Nasty Rope Bondage

How to Torture Friends and Influence People

We’ve heard a lot about the nice way to tie: comfortable cuffs, nothing around the neck, don’t block circulation, and so on… A lot of good that will do when you’ve got a feisty bottom! So for this class, we’re going to talk about the hard stuff. We’ll cover ties for takedowns and stressful positions while evaluating the dangers they introduce into the scene. Bring one or two lengths of rope and get ready to play rough!
[Mean Rope Handout]

Scratchy, Rough, & Irritating Rope

(Who ever said rope has to be soft and cuddly?!)

Often, the rope marketed for use in bondage is soft and silky smooth. While it’s great for sensual play, this rope isn’t very intimidating! In this class, we’ll take a walk on the other side of the tracks – using the raw, rough, scratchy, and harsh rope that your mother warned you about. We’ll compare the pros and cons of different rope types and show how they can transform once-innocent ties into something a little more torturous. Whether you hate the soft stuff, are looking for a way to add some punishment to your bondage, or are just scratching the itch to try something new, you’ll find plenty of new ideas!
[Scratchy Rough & Irritating Rope Handout]

Bois Who Date Girls Who See Boys…

Alternative Relationships – Instructor-led Discussion

Polyamory, Monogamy, Consensual Nonmonogamy, Swinging, Master/slave, Dominant/Submissive, Daddy/boy… We will discuss a variety of relationship types and how they’re reflected in daily life. What do these terms mean in your lives and relationships? What resources are available for people exploring these relationship types?
[Alternative Relationships Handout]

Speedy Gonzales

(… or “How I learned to stop worrying and love THE BIG HOLE!”)

How many times have you heard people (or even yourself) say: “Rope takes too long!” This whirlwind class will cover a ton of tips and tricks to more efficiently handle yourself and your rope in a scene. Spice up your scene with more confidence and purpose! CAUTION: Do not be mistaken – this isn’t about who can reach the finish line first, it’s about leaving more time to focus on your favorite parts of your ropework. Andale!
[Speedy Gonzales Handout]

Introduction to Japanese Style Rope Bondage

This workshop covers the basics of rope bondage. We’ll cover safety, negotiation, rope types & care, basic knots, and learn a few basic ties to start you down the path of using bondage in your erotic play. This will be a very informative jump start for those of you who are new to rope. The class handout is available at Solo and partnered attendees are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring at least two 30-foot lengths of 6mm (1/4″) rope and their imaginations.

While there’s no way I can cover all of the included information in a single presentation, I’ve written this handout as a take-home primer and reference so attendees have ample information for getting started in their explorations: [Rope 101 Handout]

Rope Bondage Lab

Intermediate Bondage Skillshare – Interactive Demo

Practice what you learned in Intro to Japanese Bondage and pick up some tips at this hands-on, student-driven workshop. Along with answering student questions, we will cover some decorative elements of bondage and apply them to more restrictive positions. Solo and partnered attendees are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring at least four 30-foot lengths of 6mm (1/4″) rope and their imaginations.

Finding Your Style

I know I put it here somewhere… – Interactive Demo

Shibari, Western, Japanese Style, Damsel in Distress, Bedroom Bondage – these terms are often used to describe different types of rope bondage, but what do they really mean for your playstyle? This workshop will begin with a discussion of the various dimensions of bondage styles including sample images and ties followed by a hands-on lab where we’ll explore the bondage styles or reconstruct as many ties as we have time for. Participants are encouraged to bring at least four 30-foot lengths of 6mm (1/4″) rope and their imaginations.

Partial Suspension

Get a Leg Up in Your Ropework! – Interactive Demo

Take your rope bondage to new heights with partial suspension. We will cover the safety and practical basics surrounding suspension including mechanics, hardpoint selection, hardware, and some ties and positions to get you started. Participants are encouraged to bring at least four 30-foot lengths of 6mm or 8mm (1/2″ or 3/8″) rope and their imaginations.


Disclaimer: Like rock climbing and skydiving, rope suspension can be very dangerous and is best learned and practiced under the supervision of a competent instructor.

One of the most popular topics in rope bondage, suspension adds an entirely new dimesion to your play. This class is an introduction to the basics of suspension. Starting with a discussion of safety, hardware, and a few ties, each attendee will have an opportunity to attempt their first suspension. Previous knowledge of ropework required (at minimum, students are responsible for the information in the [Rope 101 Handout] prior to attending. Six 30-Foot lengths of rope recommended.

Coming Soon

Pushing Rope… and Other Things to Avoid
Ways to keep your technique from getting in the way of your scene!

Form and Function
Rope that looks good and won’t fall off!

Other Topics

I speak on a variety of subjects at CUFFS and MiN-KY events. Here is a partial list of topics I’ve covered.

  • SM 101
  • Getting Into the Scene
  • Scene Negotiation
  • Kinky Crafts
  • Toybag Show and Tell
  • Safer [and Kinkier] Sex